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The support of community becomes invaluable during challenging times. Whether it involves sharing our journey with empathetic listeners, or seeking professional therapy to gain essential tools and support for bolstering our mental health, we all benefit from a supportive community to overcome obstacles.

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Our app aims to break down the barriers that make joining therapy or seeking psychological support challenging, such as stigma, fear of vulnerability, limited accessibility, high costs, and a lack of support network. By signing up and sharing your information in a private setting, you gain access to personalized tools, support, and sessions designed to enhance your positive mental health and overall happiness. We work to deliver a complete solution and become an alternative option for people who consider BetterHelp. Joining our platform means becoming part of a community of individuals who, like you, are seeking a little more help to improve their lives. Together, we can create a positive change by providing an inclusive and supportive environment where you can openly discuss your mental challenges and goals. Let us help you on your journey towards a healthier and happier life. 

Your Account Configuration

You can configure your account to suit your own needs, including your personal settings, membership and payments, appointments with therapists, objectives, mood slider settings, electronic journals, and community support events. Book an appointment with a therapist by selecting their profile and reviewing their credentials.

Configuring your desired wellness categories for improvement, along with adjusting notification settings, is crucial to enable the algorithm to offer you guidance effectively. 

Proactive Mood Tracking

Our mental health algorithm provides daily feedback on your improvement over time using a smooth mood slider interface with daily reminders, enhancing your positive experience in our community. Our algorithm, tracking your daily improvement, offers you a prompt acting as a mental tool supporting your positive outlook. This is an important feature that sets us apart from apps like BetterHelp. Members have access to community support sessions under the supervision of a professional therapist and often participate in live and recorded Q&A sessions.

Improvement Graph

Our improvement graph for mental health, records and presents information that will be used by your therapists to enhance the quality of mental health therapy services provided to you. By capturing relevant information, these graphs also enable our therapists and clinicians to gain insights, make informed decisions, and customize treatment plans accordingly.

The primary objective of improvement graphs is to measure and depict changes in an individual’s mental health symptoms, functioning, and overall well-being. By plotting data points on a graph, professionals can effectively observe trends, patterns, and areas of improvement or decline. This valuable information assists in assessing the effectiveness of treatments and enables professionals to identify the most appropriate interventions for each individual.

Therapist Booking

Our platform prioritizes your progress by connecting you with a diverse network of highly qualified therapists primarily based in the southern states of Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana. With comprehensive information on therapist credentials, cost, and availability at your fingertips, you can confidently choose a local therapist who aligns with your unique requirements. Experience uninterrupted support and a seamless therapeutic journey with My Mynd My Mental, where finding the right therapist is effortless and empowering and is done at your accord.  

Community Support Sessions

Our mental health community support web sessions can be incredibly beneficial for individuals seeking support and guidance for their mental health. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for people facing similar challenges to come together in a virtual space and connect with one another. By participating in these sessions, attendees can find solace in knowing that they are not alone in their struggles, and they can also learn from others’ experiences.  During each session, a live host takes charge, providing guidance and acting as a facilitator. Not only do they lead the session, but they also curate questions from the community and provide insightful answers in real time.