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Join us for a conversation with MyMyndMyMental at the NAMI conference. We’re thrilled to be part of this meaningful event, showing our support for NAMI’s noble mission and connecting with the incredible individuals who have consistently championed mental health in the United States.
If you haven’t already taken the opportunity to download our app and become a part of our mental wellness community, we invite you to do so at your now. You can enjoy the benefits of a complimentary trial membership, which includes access to therapist bookings and valuable resources.
2023 NAMI Texas Annual Conference And Awards Celebration – November 3-4, 2023
Pre-Conference Event Evening Of Nov 2nd
Hilton Houston Post Oak By The Galleria
2001 Post Oak Blvd. , Houston, TX

MyMyndMyMental is a virtual mental health wellness community designed to provide individual users and corporations access to top mental health clinicians, resources, and a way to track their mood daily with the use of an algorithm designed as a reminder that Together We Can.

At MyMyndMyMental, our mission is to bridge the gap between individuals who seek support for their mental health but fear being judged. We strongly believe in fostering a sense of community and providing unwavering support to empower individuals in taking control of their own mental well-being. We aim to establish ourselves as an alternative to the BetterHelp app. Join our free trial and share your feedback to help us improve and better cater to your needs.

Together We Can create a safe and compassionate space where everyone feels understood and supported.

Our Vision

At MyMyndMyMental we introduce a more personalized approach to online therapy. Our desire is not to be viewed as a booking application but instead, we create a community with our clients focused on consistent access to mental health care resources. We are very adamant about ensuring that our service includes a more humanistic approach. With the incorporation of daily mood tracker reminders, the ability to allow therapists to gauge the success of suggested coping skills prior to weekly sessions, live chat features, online community involvement opportunities, and an interactive digital journal, we are certain that each user will feel extremely hopeful in knowing that they are not alone. 
Mental Health App

Anytime Therapy on My Schedule

We heard you and delivered! MyMyndMyMental offers therapeutic services at your convenience. You have the option of scheduling sessions around the time that best fits your availability. We are positioning our app as an alternative to BetterHelp in Texas, Louisiana and Georgia.

This amazing feature allows you – the client – to create consistency in your care with your chosen therapist.

My Community Support Platform

MyMyndMyMental offers a community of support options to every user, included with our basic plan. Community events are hosted by our team and users are encouraged to participate and post messages, live during the event. Local therapist booking, Mood tracker reminders, empowerment algorithm, live community resources, live chat – we are here to help you meet your therapeutic needs. 

Customized to My Own Objectives

What better way to reach your goals than identifying them with the support of your therapist and customizing specifically what you would like to work on, at the pace that is most comfortable for you? With MyMyndMyMental you have complete autonomy in designing your treatment plan with your therapist. You will set goals and objectives with the support and guidance of a trusted clinician. 

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